A Guide For Power Levelers in World of Warcraft

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Many who play World of Warcraft turn to power leveling to get their characters to high level quickly and efficiently. Following are some tips for anyone looking to take that route to epic power levels.

Quests are the main source of experience points in World of Warcraft, so take all the available quests being offered. Speed is an important component of power leveling, so it might be a good idea to form a group with two or three other players to finish quests even more quickly. For those quests that require players to defeat a certain number of monsters, this is especially helpful. It is also helpful to try to do more than one quest at a time. Look for all the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in an area, and get quests from each one that offers a quest. Groups can share quests among themselves. Most of the quests are monster-killing jobs, where a certain number of monsters must be killed. This makes it easy to group quests together and take care of more than one at a time. If there is one quest that requires killing 15 of one kind of monster and another quest that requires 20 of another, then both of those can be worked on at the same time, accomplishing two quests in the time it would take to finish one.

Level 10 is a big landmark for many activities, one of which is multi-zoning. This consists of going to the starting areas of other locations and doing the quests found there. Do not take any quests that are too difficult - getting killed is another big time waster. Grinding levels is a good method to take here, by doing some of the lower level quests. They may be easy, but if they are not too far from the present level, good experience can quickly be collected. Start with the green quests, since they are the easiest, then kill all the green monsters and rack up the experience points. If that is too easy and not enough experience, move up to the yellow quests and kill yellow monsters for more experience. If there is too much downtime spent recovering after each fight, then that level is too hard. Remember, the idea is to level quickly. This method can yield a lot of experience and is easy to manage.

World of Warcraft is made for many players to work together, and in fact, forming a group can make the game that much more enjoyable. Power leveling is most effective when a group of two or three get together to complete multiple quests at the same time. It's easy to either form or join groups in World of Warcraft, and no one is required to stay with a group that is ill-suited either in personality or in style of play. If the other members are not interested in leveling up or are just not holding their own, it is best to find another group that is more focused.

Those who prefer to quest solo are certainly welcome to try it. There are some classes that are more suited to soloing than others, such as Shaman, Rogue or Paladin. Even these will sometimes need help with certain quests, particularly the "elite" quests which require multiple player strategies.

Power leveling in World of Warcraft does not have to be difficult. The few simple tips above should have anyone looking for extra experience points well on the way to high levels.

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A Guide For Power Levelers in World of Warcraft

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This article was published on 2010/03/31