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Locked up within every man and woman are limitless possibilities; the seed to become, lies in the soil of every heart. In the words of James Allen, "man, as a mental being, possesses all the powers of mind, and is furnished with unlimited choice." The method of manifesting this fruit is by way of learning; it is by educating the soul that you will be able to realize the immense possibilities that lie inside you. How then do we acquire this knowledge? By what mechanism can we truly learn? - It is through personal experience.

In the vocation of living, just as in any other vocation, there is no greater teacher than experience; your experience of life is your true knowledge; and as you read this article, you know perfectly what that experience is for you. The beauty is that it is within your power to change, accelerate or retard this experience.

The development of any skill is the result of experience in exercising that skill; there are no shortcuts. Do you remember the time you were learning how to drive an automobile? Did your instructor end at just giving you words of instruction? Certainly not; all the pep talk was meant to prepare you for the ultimate task - taking the seat and turning on the ignition. At this point it didn't matter how well you had articulated the "highway code"; it was now the actual driving experience that was standing between you on one hand and success or failure on the other hand.

How then do you accelerate your experience?

The mistake that most people make is that they view experience within the context of time passed; this is a dis-empowering paradigm to adopt. True experience is engagement; and frequency is its most important parameter. The time factor itself means nothing; it is only when time is viewed in relation to the frequency of engagement that it becomes of consequence. Do you know that in skills development, you can attain the 5 year experience of the average man in just a few months? The determining factor is the rate at which you employ your skill even in a short time period. This is the secret of becoming a top performer in your chosen occupation; accelerate your experience, do not wait for the years.

Let's take the practical example of blogging; an average blogger in an instructive/ educational niche like personal growth and development will usually write not more than one article per week; would you let the 10 year experience of such a blogger intimidate you? It doesn't have to take you 10 years to gain this experience; you can do it in months.

For any skill that you want to develop, don't waste your time worrying about the number of years you have to work at it for you to gain the much needed experience; free your mind; focus on frequency of practice and repetition. This is only one way that you will be able accelerate your experience. There is a tendency to emphasize practice alone; it is both practice and repetition that will guarantee success in any endeavor.

If you want more experience, engage life more often; that is what I am doing every time. I have learned a lot of things about article writing in the last 6 months than I did in the previous years combined. I spent so many years reading about blogging and coming up with a high traffic website but I was only when I stepped forward; signed up for a blog and began writing and posting articles that I really started to truly learn about blogging. There are certain lessons that can only be learned through experience; certain things cannot be taught; they must be caught. If you want to become an author, the simple thing to do is to go home and start writing. Experience is everything; the fast way to acquire it is through practice and frequent practice!

At the time of writing this article, I am participating in the EzineArticles challenge of writing at least 100 articles in 100 days. My primary motivation in this challenge is the acceleration of my experience and my writing skills the result of which will be giving more value to readers. The 3 months I will spend writing these articles is the equivalent of 2 years experience of the ordinary blogger who only writes 1 article in a week. I can't even begin to list down the other benefits that will result from the discipline exercised and a mind focused.

Engage life, try out new things; visit new places; dare to pick a conversation with a stranger; get to know people outside of your circle of friends; do these and many other things often; accelerate your growth and experience; your life will be the result of the your accumulated experience.

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Accelerating Your Personal Growth Experience

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This article was published on 2010/03/28