Nascar Driving Experience An Unforgettable Time

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If you love stock car racing, you will love the Nascar Driving experience. What is it? We'll discuss this in greater detail here.

There are a number of different schools across the country which offers a Nascar driving experience. When you enroll and attend, you'll learn to drive a real stock car which is used in Nascar races.

What better experience for a racing fan than being able to operate a race car over 165 mph on Talladega Super Speedway? This experience is now available to almost anyone who wants to learn what it's like to drive an official Nascar race car.

Let's see how a typical day at a Nascar driving experience school would be.

1. Driver Orientation The first step is driver orientation. An instructor will cover the hand signals used, how you should enter and exit the track, how to find the proper line, and passing, drafting, and much more. At the end of this session, you'll understand how to have a safe driving experience.
2. Driver Orientation Recap. Once you are familiar with the proper hand signals and driving lines, your instructor will recap all the safety features of the racecar. And there will be an opportunity for more questions/answers.
3. Suit Up. At this point it will be time for you to get fitted in a fire retardant racing suit. You will also get a well fitting helmet and Hans device. Then off to the races!
4. Preparing to race. It will now be time for you to climb into the cockpit and get strapped in properly. Most schools use this as a great Kodak moment and take lots of pictures of you in the racecar ready to drive.
5. Racing! Now it's time for you to experience first hand the thrill of Nascar racing. Under the supervision of an instructor you'll be able to drive the car for several laps. As you gain more confidence, so will your speed. And pretty soon you'll be streaking across the finish line and the memories of something you won't soon forget.
6. And the last step is to relive your experience with friends or loved ones; purchase pictures or other memorabilia from the day; and then generally unwind.

Remember that a Nascar Driving experience school is designed to bring you that one in a lifetime Nascar racing thrill. Once you've taken a course, you'll understand what it's all about and why you never did it years earlier?
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The Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure and the Richard Petty Driving Experience are both great nascar driving experiences.

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Nascar Driving Experience An Unforgettable Time

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This article was published on 2010/11/22