Sneak Peek: World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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Physical and political chaos
Besides the two new races, caves and challenges have the guild system and the possibility of player-versus-player combat has been significantly improved. Moreover Azeroth now explored from the air with your own mounts. In this connection, much of Stormwind refurbished. The castle, for example, become far more detailed, and a new center has emerged. Dwarven district is blessed with its own inn, auction and bank. Moreover,buying wow gold,Stormwind become larger, since previously inaccessible areas in the back of the city are put to use. All is not rosy in the Alliance's capital. The entire park area was destroyed when Deathwing showed strength. An attack that also inundate parts of the lowland wetlands.

Orgrimmar experience at least as big changes. Deathwing might not have been an equally direct influence on the city, but Thrall is gone and Garrosh have taken over power. He has refurbished Orgrimmar, so that the city now seems more like a fortress. Moreover, the flight point moved inside the city walls. Also Orgrimmar gets extra auction houses, taverns and banking, so players can choose where they will hang between battles. Goblins have got their own dirty area and Walley of Wisdom have been Tauren territory. The city will also have an exit to Azshara.

Guest Mild Orgrimmar.
Traces of Death Wing is to find all over Azeroth, but some places more than others. Thousand Needles are among those who have been punished severely. The flooding has led to the former dry and barren landscape is now dominated by water. A number of small islands in the bars sticking out of the water. Gnomes and goblins, however, use the situation to be at loggerheads, though they have had to move out of an ingenious fleet. Here,buying wow gold,the brains of soft to held a big batlop. When they do, of course, the players' help.

The maximum experience level rises from 80 to 85, but it is not a new level of talent. It will, however, a new profession, archeology. This is a secondary profession, such as fishing, and therefore something that everyone can puzzle with. The goal is to put together various items of fragments you uncover about. Your map will always show what areas you have overpaid to find the fragments, so that there is never any doubt about where to look. This is not expected to be an activity for everyone, but rather an extra carrot for those who like to explore.

Refurbished rune system
A new mechanism around the runes are also among the news. Previously, they were exhausted when they were linked to your character, so you had to acquire new each time. It will no longer be the case. The number of runes increases, but you can use them as many times as you want. Thus it will be easier to swap them for the situation, rather than picking out the best looking and stick to them. This may sound like bad news for those who live to produce runes, but on the other hand, they could probably make money on a konsumerbar object that is required for replacement of assigned runes. Besides, it added a new group of runes, Medium. This is to further increase flexibility. The renovation of the rune system will in all likelihood, instead of "Path of the Titans" (previously announced specialization option).

Alliance gets stuffed toy.
What guilds you have been a member of has always been very important in World of Warcraft. It is quite a bit of pride and identity with the picture. The Cataclysm Mon encouraged even more to focus on their guild. It introduced namely experience level of the guild. By doing quests, killing enemies or winning manager rated player-versus-player battles with the guild, earned experience points. Blizzard was planning to introduce a long talenttre for guilds, but this idea has been dropped. Instead, it unlocks a bonus for each new experience level. It should not be about things that make each player more powerful,buying wow gold,but rather small and practical advantages. Examples of these may be faster mounts, reduced repair costs, teleportation of an entire raid or faster accumulation of experience points.
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Sneak Peek: World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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