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Of all the meetings I attend I see people always taking notes as if the knowledge being shared is so incredible that it needs to be documented. I have always gone off of the premise,"Know thyself to know thy God." Awareness of self is the beginning of the journey and within each one of us is a reflection of all that we will encounter in the world. Notes only need to be taken for information as a reference. A really good speaker connects with his or her audience sharing the energy of an experience in that moment with them. To feel is a much greater way of taking notes because you can absorb the experience, but if all you are doing is taking notes you are losing the extremely valuable connection to the energy of the experience that is being shared. The real notes are in memory, having conscious awareness of the experience being shared.

The reason why people have a difficult time with really advanced techniques is because they seek to understand through knowledge. Knowledge is merely an explanation of the steps taken to achieve the experience, the secret to getting it right and having consistent success is not in the knowledge, it is in personal awareness having accessed the teacher within and becoming a student of yourself.

Anything important can be recapped at the end of any lecture. The real notes are you personal connection with the energy of the experience that is shared with the person speaking. So you can have a greater awareness of how the experience unfolds free of expectations which is the most powerful unconscious ability to block the experience from unfolding. I tell people all the time, if you are not looking for love it will find you, but if love is what you are seeking all the expectations of the experience will create the greatest opportunity to miss your chance for love. You don't focus on what is, you look beyond the now and focus on what could be and the beginning of the experience eludes you.

Live and feel in the moment. If you become connected to anything the experience will unfold for you on the greatest level naturally. Having missed that connection because of taking notes and you will have some knowledge and yet the experience will have eluded you. Would you prefer to have second hand knowledge or your own personal experience?

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Taking Notes

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This article was published on 2010/03/28