The Paranormal In Everyday Life

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Spirituality is in everyday life. Almost everyone has had a spiritual experience. Spirituality touches almost everything and it can be so simple we may not stop to wonder about it. One way you can experience a paranormal or spiritual thing is through dreams. Many of us have had dreams of loved ones who have passed over. Or, perhaps dreamt of events that later came true. These are spiritual experiences. Personally, I have had dreams that included visits from an older brother of mine who had passed away when I was young. That dream has stayed with me now for years, as a wonderfully comforting experience. I feel like I know he is doing well in the afterlife.

Other examples are seeing energy or spirit orbs, either in person, in a photograph or on video. A lot of people are able to see orbs in photographs now because digital cameras are good at cap[turing their images. So something as simple as a photograph can result in a spiritual experience, often unplanned.

Sometimes people get synchronicity in their lives as spiritual experiences. You might think of someone and then suddenly hear their favorite song played on the radio. Many people don't believe in "coincidences" and so they will receive an experience like that as a message or a sign. It doesn't always have to pertain to someone who has passed away, it can mean many things to many people.

Even drinking a cup of tea can lead to something like a tea leaf reading. It is similar to card readings except the reader uses the tea leaves left in a cup of tea that the client drinks.

Do you keep track of how the spiritual in life has touched you ?  For more clarity, try keeping a notebook on interesting or unusual things such as dreams or synchronicity. You might realize from writing it down that it happens more often than you might think.




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The Paranormal In Everyday Life

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The Paranormal In Everyday Life

This article was published on 2013/02/14