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A Short Introduction. There is no greater occupation than helping other succeed! As an accomplished C-level corporate executive, I have many experiences to share. Add that to my life's experiences and I believe I have much to give back. I invest in others by mentoring, teaching, coaching, sharing, etc. I want to impart my knowledge to others.

Mentoring provides me a means to offer my experiences and give back. But mentoring is a two-way street. I want to learn from mentees too. I benefit and receive back as much as I give. Consequently, I find mentoring rewarding and personally satisfying. Giving and receiving; mentoring is a reciprocal relationship -- That is why I have chosen to be a mentor.

What Is Mentoring. Mentoring is a relationship which gives people the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and life experiences, and to grow and develop in the process.

There are no basic skills required to mentor. The mentor merely uses his knowledge gained through experiences to teach, coach, advise, guide, encourage, promote, etc., another. Mentoring may be on a regular basis or a one-time basis. It can be done face-to face or it can be done remotely e.g., via the internet or by telephone. A mentor can be someone we know well or it can be someone who we do not know personally or professionally. It can be someone who we have established a relationship with merely to engage in the mentoring process.

We all act as mentors and are mentees. Every time we offer advice we are mentoring; each time we receive advice we are the mentee. This process occurs throughout our life; it is part of the learning, part of self-development. On a personal level, it is generally an informal process.

Historically, mentoring in the business world has been more formal, more structured; often gained through business organizations and schools. However, with expanding technology and the rapidly changing economic and business environment that necessitates U.S. companies to compete in a world market place, business mentoring is becoming a more informal process. This change is delightful since it increases the opportunity for more mentoring and for the mentor to receive the benefits gained by serving as a mentor. The self-development, continued personal and business growth and change we all desire and strive for, is obtained by mentoring by providing individuals with someone to give feedback, question, challenge, comfort and guide. So why shouldn't we open doors that create opportunities for more and more mentoring.

The benefits of a mentoring relationship are innumerable. For the mentee, priceless advice, direction, problem solving, coaching, etc., is received. Mentees can gain perspective from the mentor's experiences that otherwise may have taken years for the mentee to gain through their own experiences.

On the other hand, the mentor not only receives the satisfaction of helping others, but has the opportunity to learn from others too. Mentors and mentee should both be a sponge soaking up knowledge, perspective, and experiences from each other.

Why I Mentor.Mentoring is not my passion; it is my obsession. I want to help others. It is a mission. And I never want to stop learning, stop growing. Mentoring relationship allow me to help others and to grow and learn myself.

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Jim Yoakum is an accomplished executive leader with over 25 years of diversified (financial services, insurance, manufacturing, non-profit/tax exempt organizations, consulting and governmental) experience in risk management, internal control, regulatory affairs, operations and systems, law, compliance and taxation/accounting. He has many successes achieved in managing the creation of new or changing/evolving functions and managing projects/programs in resolution of significant issues. Jim has strong project/program management skills, using an inherent logical thought process honed by many years of technical training, were germane to these successes. He possesses the ability to manage human resources in a changing environment with passion, creativity, results-orientation and self-motivation. Jim is resilience, acts with decisiveness and to foster/adapt to change and new environments. Most importantly, Jim never wants to stop learning; never to stop helping others. As an accomplished author, poet and mentor, he continues to develop and educate by sharing his business and life experiences through writing, mentoring, speaking and networking.

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Why Mentor?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29