Wilderness Safaris, The Ultimate Safari Experience

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A massive collection of lodges fall under the umbrella of the Wilderness Safaris game reserve and every single one of them can be considered among the pinnacles of the industry. This group of award winning lodges range throughout Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe allowing guests professional safari experience in a wide variety of prime locations. These exclusive lodges provide only the highest service expectations and a memorable experience for the whole family.

The Botswana Experience
This brand is globally renowned for its luxury camps and those situated in the Botswana heartland are exemplary of this reputation. Also know for their efforts in maintaining and preserving the delicate ecosystem in the area, patrons stand to learn a great deal during their stay. This camp provides a comfortable home away from home amidst some of the most breathtaking wildlife adventures and sights available today.

The Namibia Adventure
The Namibia camps see some of the highest amounts of repeat business of all of those in the industry, and those who have had the pleasure before are quick to recommend it to others. The expansive desert plains offer a whole new dimension to the safari adventure and experienced guides take patrons on an eye opening journey of wonder. Many of these camps also provide unique fly-in-safaris.

The Zambia Getaway
These camps teem with rare finds in terms of both wildlife and bird species, which is made possible only by the isolated locations chosen for them. Zambia is know for being slightly more untamed with a mystery factor that leaves its stamp of wonder on all who attend her. The camps themselves posses an exciting atmosphere and an excellent track record of service which has patrons returning over and over, as there is always something more to see. For guests who wish to truly receive a taste of adventure through the uncharted wilds of the African experience, this is one world-class location to begin in.

The South African Experience
One of the most celebrated tourist destination in the world today, and for good reason, South Africa is a wellspring of biodiversity and safari sights. Few other countries, if any, are capable of suiting any multitude of tastes and needs in one area to the degree to which this country does. Known for excellent service and first world infrastructure, the Wilderness South Africa experience is challenging to best. As a cultural and heritage hotspot there is never any shortage of sights to see and no one goes home without a thrilling heartfelt longing to return.

One can never go wrong trusting the leading brand and when it comes to the safari experience, that means - Wilderness Safaris.
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Wilderness Safaris, The Ultimate Safari Experience

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This article was published on 2010/12/25